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We take all the hassle out of credit repair. Saving you time and money with our expedited hands on premier service. Our networks of professionals have removed the most difficult of derogatory information from credit reports. Making us one one of most successful and reliable credit repair companies in the Nation. Credit Edit is the best way to reach your credit goals.

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Have a professional review your credit report and create personalized plan to achieve your financial goals.

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Dispute Derogatory Items

After reviewing your entire report, we create custom dispute letters to challenge errors identified on your credit reports.

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The credit bureaus have 30 to 45 days to respond to the dispute letters. Our clients usually start seeing errors corrected at this time.

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Our credit experience and unique customer service makes us the best and most effective credit repair service in the industry. Every month, we help hundreds of people, just like you, who need to
improve their credit scores and restore their life.


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Get Lender Ready

Remove negative items from your credit report and rehabilitate your credit file with insight into the hallmarks of trustworthiness that creditors and lenders look for.

Expert Disputes

We use proprietary dispute strategies that have proven to be effective in removing credit items that may not be completely accurate and verifiable.

Advanced Tactics

If standard dispute tactics aren’t effective, we use accelerated dispute tactics such as directly contacting your creditors and collectors and citing relevant laws.

Fast Results

See results from your disputes in as little as 30 days. We don’t believe in waiting around or drawing out the process. Rather, we want to help you as quickly as possible

Individual Support

Your experience as a customer is vital to our success. We provide truly personal service, supplemented with your own online customer portal with 24/7 access.

Purpose Driven

We understand that what you’re really coming to us for is to put control and opportunity back into your hands. We work to educate, empower, and enable you.


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Credit Edit is committed to helping our clients get on track with their goals. Our focus is on you and your determination to improve your life.

What makes us difference? We provide real improvements and better personalized service. Our team strives to get you the best results, in the shortest amount of time.

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